Saturday, January 22, 2011

Claire is doing great 1-23-2011

Claire is doing great! She spends 98% of her time sleeping and the rest doing the necessary things to & release then repeat at regular intervals. She chuckled last night when I was holding her. Yes, Truly.Her little bod jostled in a tiny rhythmic bounce while breathy little "ha, ha, has" puffed out of a broad, open, gummy mouth grin! No lie! I was shocked. I'll try to put up a couple pix of reg. poses. I have no action shots as yet. Keep checking back though.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This little angel is Grace's little sister born 1-18-2011

4th degree Grandma here! Claire's arrival!!

Claire Walker is here. Paul & Danielle welcomed baby #2 on 1-18-2011 at 6:00p.m.. She weighed 7'15'' & is 19" long. I am going to try to post her first phone pix.It was taken about 5 minutes post arrival.We think she is darling of course! Grace has not seen her yet to give her review/reaction. Hopefully there will be more pix after her official home debut. Check back in a day or so.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting There - Heading North Oct. 2010

Getting There>Heading North Oct.2010

O. K. this is a catch up & a memory stretching activity for me. Keep that in mind if this narrative does not flow as smoothly as some. Beginning in October about the 8th our north bound travels began. Paul & his wife Danielle had planned a 2 week Tip to Thailand to visit her father. He and Danielle would leave Grace with Mark and Crystal in Logan and pick her up on the return trip home. Our part was to be the visiting delivery system in addition to Kent spending a few days at a Waste Water Training Conf. in Logan. The four tallest passengers enjoyed visiting on the Way to Logan when we weren’t laughing at Grace’s reactions to the videos she watched on the way. She quickly picked up on our enchantment in her sweet little laugh and it seemed when our responses to it deemed her laughter volume increased. Oh yes, it was a jolly good time. I even noticed a time or two when a laugh had nothing to do with the story. But if Grace wants to laugh, she does. And she really seems to enjoy just laughing. Either that; or she likes our responses to her laugher. Hearing Grace’s laugh is like honey for your ears, sweet pure delight; gentle & good from sparkling giggles to grand gaffas it fills my heart each time it tickles my ears. Occasionally she did not have a laugh to match the action completely and she simply giggled. “That’s so funny.”
That was her parents’ fun farewell with Grace. Kent took the eager yet dread filled parents to SLC 2 days later to leave for Thailand. When Danielle kissed Grace goodbye she was so tired I don’t think it really clicked under her little smashed curls that she would not see mom in the morning. In the morning it clicked. Ever so slowly, with each gathering of bodies for meals & outings Grace scanned the room and just before the final cog clicked Aunt Chrissie would sense the gathering clouds and announce; time to eat, let’s go outside, where’s Sally? It’s Time for school. Who wants a cookie? Who needs to go potty? I am going for a walk, who has shoes on? These pleasant little thought interruptions happened all through the day. The days were always a flurry of movement; Please and Thank yous, and the occasional time out. All in all this love filled home also overflowed with distractions. I have no doubt Grace was missing ma-ma, da-da. She had her droopy lonely moments when no one could comfort her. Had she never been uncomfortable her entire visit I doubt her pining would have surfaced much at all.

Do You have the binky?

Surface it did. Sunday we took her with us to Pocatello for Tyron’s Wedding. Getting there was not bad. She loved running around the open area with PaPa where the wedding & reception were held. She was getting tired and we had hopes of a quiet sleeping girl for our return. Nope. We did not heed the toddlers’ rule of the road. “Don’t forget the binky!”